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Writing Assignments

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You are given two writing assignments that deal with humor and or comedy. These assignments are to be completed and have all the rubric components given. For this is graded on a scoring sheet.

Writing Assignment #1-

For this assignment you will look up the origin of the word satire. You will find out where the word was first used, what the root of the word means, and who were the first people to speak it. You will also find out what year the word was derived and then you will write about the first time it was put to literary use. This paper should at least two to three pages long.

Writing assignment #2-

For this assignment, you will look up the origin of humor. You will see what the culture is and when it was started dating back to the first time it was put in use. Then you will look up and write how hyperbole, satire, farce, understatement, pun, sarcasm, irony, parody, and wit is all linked up to humor this page should be at least three to four pages long.

Rubric for Writing assignments

25- States the purpose of the paper; stay’s on topic.
15- the paper is fluent; paper shows clarity.
15- Paper is in full length.
20- papers are double-spaced and have the correct punctuation.
15- Use the correct grammar.
10- Paper catches the audience eye.

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By Chan'nel