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Eve and adam




  1. What types of comedy elements are being used in the story? Explain.

Answer: Sarcasm, irony, and parody, because it is being said that god is a woman even though most people believe it’s a man, also it is making fun of  the story of “Adam and Eve” and changing it to “Eve and Adam”

  1. What makes the story funny?

Answer: Its funny because they say god is a woman and they changed the story everyone knows about.

  1. Explain if there is any prior knowledge you need to know to understand the story.

Answer: You need to know the story of “Adam and Eve.”

4.    Does this story offend a specific race?

Answer: Yes. It offends men.                                                                                                      

  1. What are the similarities between this story and the one you know?

Answer: It relates in that in both stories Eve ate apples.


A Religious Hunter



1. What types of comedy elements are being used in the story? Explain.

Answer: Sarcasm, and farce, because it says how he want the bear to believe in god.

       2. Who is being hurt?

The man

  1. Who are both characters talking to?


  1. What was the man hunting?

A bear

  1. What is ironic about this?

That the man was never religious yet he calls gods name when needed









  1. What is being changed?

Grammar from the English

  1. What is funny?

That the language is still understandable

  1. Who changed the language?

The Queen

  1. Why is the language being modified?

Because, it was supposed to make it easier

  1. What will government do to double letters?

Remove them.




Texas vs. Australia



1.What type of comedy is this?

-it is satire

2. What is the authors purpose?

-to make fun of Texan stereotypes

3.How is the message sent

-the message is sent by the Australian

4.Who is the target audience

-people from Texas

5How do you know the selection is sarcastic

Because the Australian makes the Texan think kangaroos are grasshoppers


The Irish Engineer


1.What is the authors purpose?

-To make fun of cheaters

2.How  does the author get is message across?

-He implies that the Irish cheated

3.What type of comedy is this

-this is sarcasm

4.What is the message being sent

-that you shouldn’t be a dumb cheater

5.Who conveys the authors  message

The manager


1-What type of comedy is being used?

2-What is the authors point?

3-What type of selection is this?

4-How is the authors message sent?

5-Who is the target audience?




2-Dogs are dumb

3-It is a cartoon

4-It is sent through garfield