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Research Paper

A research paper is a piece of writing that through research and facts a person presents the findings of the specific inquiry of a person. Data, facts, charts, maps and other sources are evaluated and analyzed to draw conclusions.

The thesis statement according to the English book is your central idea of the topic and how you plan to go about showing the facts. It is usually (if not one) only a couple of sentences.

Ten step Checklist for a research paper:


Choose a topic of your interest that you can enjoy writing about.

Produce a thesis statement

Search for information pertaining to the thesis.

Make an outline to organize your ideas.

Use the outline to write a first draft of your paper.

Revise it to check for things that seem to be out of place.

get another person to read it and give feedback.

Edit it for grammar, spelling, and MLA

Make a works Cited page and type your final draft.

Parenthetical references to me seem the easiest when you use footnotes. After you have used the idea(s) or a quote of a reference you add a footnote and it will appear at the bottom of the page. Then at the bottom where the footnote is you type in the information. I.E. their riches more than for there land. “The Mongols were outnumbered two to one,” yet this would not stop Genghis. “Genghis Khan and his army succeeded, and, in 1210, Genghis won from the Tangut recognition as overlord.” Once he…

Inserting quoted information can be done in two ways. You can embed a quote into a sentence so that it flows and supports your ideas and you can also introduce the quote and then analyze it or use it as an example.

Writing a Works Cited Page my way is easy; just use the internet ( I don’t really do that but some do say it is much easier) click here.

Standards of research paper include: 12pt size font, times new roman font, double spaced, one inch margins all the way around. (the teacher may also specify other things needed like the length.

Avoiding plagiarism. Here are a couple of sites:

Sites for conducting research:

Sample research paper

four suggestions for teaching the research paper process:

let the students choose their own personal topics.

show samples of other research papers to give an idea

go through the whole process out loud a couple of times.

Teach them about citing and making a works cited page

Proposed grading rubric:

Thesis 15

Length 15

Standards 10

Works Cited 15

On topic 45

Time frame for semester long research paper:

First rough draft due at the end of the first six weeks

Two more revised drafts in second six week

Final draft due at the end of the third six week

Sites for teaching the research paper

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