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Quiz Questions

 1.  What the reasons why Rose's mom doesn't like North born?

       a.  They won't stay still for a minute

       b. Ill behave

 2.  How many children did Eugenia and Arne had?

       a.  They had only 8

 3.  Which child did Eugenia and Arne lost?

       a.  Elise

 4.  What those Rose learns to do?

       a. To mend

 5.  What did Rose asked her father to do? Why?

       a. Rose asked if he could draw a picture of Elise, because she wanted to learn how she looked like.

 6.  What was Rose first gift?

            a. A pair of soft boots

 7.  Who found Rose?

       a. A white bear

 8.  Why did Rose get 'chanterelle mushrooms'? Whom where they for?

       a. Rose got those mushrooms for old Widow Houtzig, because she wanted to learn how to weave

 9.  What was the last thing Rose made in the Widow's loom?

       a. A cloak

10.      Who fell ill?

       a. Sara

11.      What did the bear promise them if he took Eugenia's and Arne's youngest daughter?

       a. He promised them that Sara would return back to health and that their fortune would return to them back.

12.      How many days did the bear give them to think it over?

       a. He gave them 7 or a week

13.      What happens every nigh when she goes to bed?

       a. Someone climbs up the bed and sleeps next to her

14.      What was the color of the three dresses?

       a. Gold, Silver, and White/ color of the moon

15.      What did Rose made for her visitor?

       a. She made a nightshirt

16.      Who many days did the bear give her to stay with her family?

       a. He gave her a month no more no less

17.      When they get to her home what does the bear tell her to do?

       A. To be careful around her mother

       b. Not to tell anything to anybody

18.      Who is the boy that Rose meet in the library?

       a. Tuki

19.       Why dose Rose keep on having nightmares?

       a. Because she does not now who is the visitor

20.      What was the thing resting next to her?

       a. A man

21.      What happen to the man and the castle?

       a. They both disappear.

22.      What does he give her?

       a. He gives her a ring.

23.      Which dress does she give to Thor?

       a. She gives him the golden dress.

24.      After the storm who those Rose save"

       a. She saves Thor.

25.      What does the Troll Queen call the bear?

       a. She calls him, Myk.

26.      What does rose give to Myk when they dance?

a.    She gives him his ring.


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