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            Create 5 original poems, and find a picture to go with each poem, explain why you chose that picture, then find a poem that expresses you and explain why you chose that poem then pick a song that goes with the poem and you.



            20 - 5 different poems

            20 - 5 pictures

            20 - Explanation

            10 - Poem expressing you

            10 - Explanation of  “your” poem

            10 - The song

            10 - Explanation of the song 




            Pretend that you’re a famous poet and your going to publish a book create your own poetry book/journal that you are “publishing”, make it colorful and showy to try and make your peers want to buy it, then give a sells pitch



            30 - At least 15 poems

            30 - A picture or colorful page to go with each poem

            10 - Looks like a real book

            20 - Sells pitch

            10 - Read some of the poems like your reading the book to kids




            Find 10 poems and make a picture book to go along with each poem to explain what is going on in the poem.



            10 - 10 poems

            70 - Looks like a book

            10 - Pictures explaining the poems

            10 - Explain the pictures and how they go with the poems