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Essay Answers

1.                        Since the day he was born Arthur had become a person who was destined for greatness, but in his journey to be a legendary hero he first had to overcome different problems in his life.

The first of all problems that Arthur had was when he was born, as he was growing he never got a chance to see his father or mother since he was taken care of by Sir Hector for all his childhood. Other Problem would later on come, as he was now the king of all England.

2.                              The purpose of Sundiata in his story is mainly to make Mali a free kingdom that can be ruled by a good ruler not someone like Soumaro who is very evil and can do harm to the people of Mali.

In the story he first finds our of his incredible powers and tries to use them as a powerful weapon against the sorcerer Soumaro, with that and his army he succeeds in defeating Soumaro and making Mali a much more safer place.

3.                        The first moral in the story of the lost wig is that wit always has a right answer, the moral in the next story that is; the peacock and the crane is that beautiful feathers do not make the bird.

The differences that these both morals have is how one of them talks about how intelligence can always answer the right way and that having a component that does not help you is not important. One refers to wit, another to logic.

4.                        I believe that the most important character in Ali Baba is Morgiana. Even though Morgiana is seen as only as the slave who works for Ali Baba she is indeed a very important character.

In the story of Ali Baba Morgiana is the person who rescues Ali Baba and his family multiple times, She is the one who defeats the captain of the thieves at the end, and she is the one that comes up with the right plan every time.

5.                        The most likely reason why superman takes on a life as a hero is because he knows and understands that with his powers he has to do something useful for humanity and for the whole universe.

Superman found out when he was small that the world needed protection and he knew, that he was one of the few people that could make the whole universe better, even if it meant giving up his normal life.