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Persuasive Writing

          Persuasive writing surrounds you in every day life. It is used to motivate readers to change their minds about a topic.


                   Suggestions: answer questions


·        Are opinions concerning this topic varied?

·        Will your audience be receptive to your argument?

·        Does enough evidence exist to support your argument?


·        Does the issued apply to audience’s lives?

·        What is the current attitude of my audience?

·        What do they already know about the issue?

·        What types of evidence will have the strongest impact on my audience?


Writing Prompt

Prompt: Your mayor wants to build youth centers in your town. You think there should be some young people on the planning committee. Write an essay that supports your opinion.<<

I think some young people should be on the planning committee for the youth centers. Adults shouldn't be the only ones to plan these centers. I feel this way for two reasons.

     For one thing, adults don't always understand young people's problems. Today's teenagers live in a different world from the one in which adults grew up. For us everyday life is a lot more dangerous. There's more crime and less adult supervision. We understand how bad these problems are, and we can help adults figure out ways to deal with the problems.

     In addition, most adults don't know what activities young people really enjoy. Imagine what kinds of facilities adults might plan in the centers! Because teenagers might not even use such facilities, the town would waste a great deal of money. On the other hand, young people could suggest better alternatives. The centers will save money and attract more kids, too.

     I hope the mayor puts young people on the planning committee. Then the youth centers will deal with our problems, save money, and be popular with kids.