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Narrative Writing

          A narrative is a story of an event. Narrative writing can be personal, about the author; historical, from the past in story format; or fictional using imagination to produce a short story.


·        Your story should be a conflict (external or internal)

·        You can use real life for short stories

Answer these 6 questions:

1.     Does the conflict concern a basic human experience, such as love; hate loyalty, pain, survival, or death?

2.     Does the conflict matter deeply to the characters?

3.     Does the resolution grow directly out of the conflict?

4.     Is the resolution a result of the characters efforts?

5.     Does the resolution provide a theme for the narrative?

6.     Do the characters grow or change by resolving the conflict?



Writing Prompt


Imagine you are walking outside. A spring storm is coming. Describe for your classmates what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.


I was walking home and all I heard was billy say “Wow that’s a storm comin’” I heard a real loud rumble that shook the ground and cracked the tree. I smelt rain in the air so I knew for sure that it was going to rain hard that day. I felt something cold on my face, it was a rain drop cold and ice coming down real hard. The smell of rain got stronger and it started to poor.