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A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun, a group of words acting as a noun, or another pronoun.The word group of words to which a pronoun refers is called its antecedent.


1.     Jasmine was born in Spain, though she grew to love the urban environment of New York. (She is a pronoun because it takes the place of the proper noun Jasmine.)

2.     When Jasmine and Bill were married in 2003, both were famous artists. (The pronoun both takes the place of the nouns Jasmine and Bill.)

3.     Though Jasmine herself was a photographer, her husband was a photographer. (The pronouns herself and her take the place of Jasmine and Jasmineís)



Practice Worksheet

Choose the pronouns of the group of words.Check the answer key when you are finished.

(Donít scroll down until you are finished)

1.     cars, trucks, he, no

2.     roses, on, are, they

3.     kiss, run, sprint, we

4.     jog, flowers, pick, them

5.     toss, throw, it, herself

6.     husband, John, myself

7.     not, prepare, me

8.     you, try, not

9.     blabber, on, him

10. she, kissed, him, water



1.     he

2.     they

3.     we

4.     them

5.     herself

6.     myself

7.     me

8.     you

9.     him

10. she, him



Teaching: learn about pronouns yourself to get more practice with them, and have mastery in them before teaching about them.