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A noun is a word that names a person, a place, a thing, or an idea.


††††††††† Person†† ††††† uncle, doctor, baby, Luisa, son-in-law

††††††††† Place ††††††††† kitchen, mountain, website, West Virginia

Thing†††††††††† apple, tulip, continent, seagull, amplifier

Idea†††††††††††† respect, pride, love, appreciation, century



Practice Worksheet

Write down the noun on your own paper, and check the answer key when you are finished.

(Donít scroll down until you are finished)

1.     I went to see my uncle today.

2.     He is a doctor in Psychology.

3.     His name is Louis.

4.     He is my grandpaís son-in-law.

5.     I respect him a lot.

6.     His favorite fruit are apples.

7.     As for flowers he likes roses.

8.     He lives in Texas.

9.     He enjoys cooking in the kitchen.

10. His future house will be on the mountain in China.



1.     uncle

2.     doctor

3.     Louis

4.     son-in-law

5.     respect

6.     fruit, apples

7.     roses, flowers

8.     Texas

9.     kitchen

10. mountain



Teaching: learn about nouns yourself try to get more practice, and have mastery in them before teaching about nouns.