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An interjection is a word or a phrase that expresses emotion or exclamation.An interjection has no grammatical connection to other words.


1.     Oh, my! What is that?

2.     Ouch! Itís hot!

3.     Yikes, Iíll be late!



Practice Worksheet

Choose the interjections out of the sentences.Check your answers with the key below.

(Donít scroll down until you are finished)

1.     Ah, thatís better.

2.     Whoa! Thatís cool!

3.     Oh my God! Thatís insane!

4.     Oh, my goodness! We have roaches!

5.     Oh no! I hate roaches!

6.     Uh-oh! I think it was my food!

7.     Ha! You are getting in trouble!

8.     Yuck! They are all over!

9.     No! Donít move that!

10. Dang! This is a mess.



1.     Ah

2.     whoa

3.     oh my God

4.     oh my goodness

5.     oh no

6.     uh-oh

7.     ha

8.     yuck

9.     no

10. dang



Teacher: just learn as much as you can about them and then test yourself. If you do well then you are ready.