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A conjunction is a word that joins single words or group of words.


1.     One and six are seven. (two nouns)

2.     Merlin was smart but irresponsible. (two adjectives)

3.     I wanted a new sun hat, so I bought one. (two complete thoughts)



Practice Worksheet

Choose the conjunction from each sentence.Check your answers with they key.

(Donít scroll down until you are finished)

1.     He did not complain nor did he object to your plan.

2.     Letís put the note on the TV or on the refrigerator.

3.     Lighting struck the barn, yet no fire started.

4.     We didnít explore the summit that night, for the climb had exhausted us.

5.     We can skate on the pond when the ice is thicker.

6.     We canít skate until the ice is thicker.

7.     Because the ice is still too thin, we must wait for a hard freeze.

8.     Their life was advanced; however, they never invented the wheel.

9.     Their civilization was advanced, but they never invented the calendar.

10. At the beach you can see seagulls both on the sand and in the water.



1.     nor

2.     or

3.     yet

4.     for

5.     when

6.     until

7.     because

8.     however

9.     but

10. and



Teacher: learn about conjunctions before you teach them to anyone to make sure you understand them well.