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An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb by making its meaning more specific.They specify when, where, how, and to what degree.


1.     Never swim alone.

2.     He has seldom complained.

3.     She almost always waited quite patiently.



Practice Worksheet

Choose the adverb from the sentence.Check your answers with the key below.

(Donít scroll down until you are finished)

1.     He should arrive Saturday.

2.     He stacked the books quickly.

3.     We are very sorry.

4.     Now the room is ready.

5.     I changed my schedule again.

6.     The room is ready now.

7.     I counted them carefully.

8.     Leave your coat there.

9.     The movie was very scare and too long.

10. The water is dangerously fast.



1.     Saturday

2.     quickly

3.     very

4.     now

5.     again

6.     now

7.     carefully

8.     there

9.     very, too

10. dangerously



Teaching: learn about adverbs first before teaching them to anyone.This helps so you know what you are talking about.