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GASPAR:  Criador God, which wonder!  I do not know which is aquesta star!  Agora prime I have veida it.  Just a short time it has is been born.  Been born it is the Criador that is of the people Sir?  Non is truth, I do not know what I say.  All this non is worth figo.  Another night me I will taste it.  If it is truth, I will know it well.  It is truth well what I say?  In everything, all prohío.  Non can be another signal?  Aquesto is and non is to;  been born it is God, to see, of fembra in aqueste month of December.  There I will go [ d]o that will be, to adore I have it, by God of all I will have it. 

BALTHASAR:  This star non I know dond comes, that brings it or that has it.  Why it is aquesta signal?  In my days non I saw to so.  Certain been born he is in earth that that in grazes and in war Sir it has to be of east, of all until in the West.  By three nights me I will see it and more of vero I will know it.  In everything, in everything it is been born?  Non I know if something I have veído;  I will go, I will adore and pregaré and I will request. 

MELCHOR:  Val, Criador, to so facienda was never alguandre failed or in trovada writing?  Such star non is in sky, of this I am I good estrellero;  I see it well without escarno that a man is been born of meat that is Sir worldwide.  As well as the sky is round;  of all people Sir it will be and all century will judge.  It is?  Non is?  Cudo that truth is.  to veer there am another vegada, if it is truth or if he is nothing.  Been born it is the Criador of all the people greater;  I see it well that it is truth, I will go there, by charity. 


GASPAR:  God vos saves, Sir;  sodes vos estrellero?  Decidme the truth, of vos to know I want it.  Forbid such wonder?  Been born it is a star. 

BALTHASAR:  Been born it is the Criador, that of the people is Sir.  I will go, I will adore it. 

GASPAR:  Otrosí I to request am it.  (To the other two)

MELCHOR:  Gentlemen, to which earth queredes to walk?  Queredes to go with me to the Criador to request?  Habedes the veído thing?  I go [ to ] to adore.  GASPAR:  Imos us otrosí, if we will be able to fail to him.  Let us walk after the star, we will see the place. 

MELCHOR:  How we will be able to prove if he is mortal man or if he is earth king or if celestial? 

BALTHASAR:  Queredes to know well how we will know it?  Gold, mirra, incense to him we will offer;  if he will be earth king, the gold querra ';  if he will be mortal man, mirra took ';  if celestial king, these two will leave, take the incense quel' he will belong.  [ BOTH ]:  Let us walk and thus the fagamos. 


(GASPAR and the other two kings to HERODES) [ the THREE ]:  Sálvate the Criador, God you curie of badly, a little we will say to you, non we love you to, God gives longa life and you to you curie of badly;  imos in romería that king [ to ] to adore that it is been born in earth, nol' we can fail. 

HERODES:  What you decide, [ d]ó ides?  To whom ides to look for?  Of which earth venides, or queredes to walk?  Decidme your names, nom' querades to watch over.

 GASPAR:  To me they say Gaspar;  this other, Melchor;  to aquéste, Balthasar.  King, king is been born which he is earth gentleman, that will send the century in great peace, without war. 

HERODES:  It is thus by truth? 

GASPAR:  Yes, king, by charity. 

HERODES:  And how sabedes?  Already proven habedes? 

GASPAR:  King, truth we will say, that proven the habemos to you. 

MELCHOR:  This is great wonder, a star is been born. 

BALTHASAR:  Signal phase that is been born and in come human meat.

 HERODES:  How much i has you saw it and that you perceived it?

 GASPAR:  Thirteen days it has, and non habemos will have veída it more and perceived well. 

HERODES:  Then you walk and you look for, and to him you adore, and this way you return.  I will go there, and to adore I have it. 


HERODES:  Who never saw such badly?  On king other so!  Still non I nor under the put Earth am dead!  King another one on my '?  To so non I never saw!  The century goes to rear;  non I already know what me faga.  By truth I do not create it until I see it.  Mine butler comes who mine salaries takes.  (the BUTLER Leaves) Idme by mine abbots, and my podestades, and mine notary publics, and mine gramtagos, and mine estrelleros, and mine rhetoricians;  to say to me there are the truth, if it lies in writing, or if they know to it, or if they have known it.


(the WISE PEOPLE Leave the cut) [ the WISE PEOPLE ]:  King, what pleases to you?  Come hays. 

HERODES:  And traedes your writings? 

THE WISE PEOPLE:  King, yes we bring, the best ones than habemos us. 

HERODES:  Then you taste, decidme the truth, if he is that born man who these three kings have said to me.  I gave, Rabbi, the truth, if you have known it. 

RABBI 1:  By vos sides I say that to not it written failure to it.

  RABBI 2:  Hamihala '!  How you are enartado!  Why you are called rabbi?  Non you understand the prophecies, those that Jeremías said to us.  By my law, we have been mistaken!  Why non we are decided?  Why non we say truth?

 RABBI 1:  I non know it by charity.

 RABBI 2:  Because habemos not used it, nor in our mouths he is failed.