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The Importance of Being Earnest Quiz


1.                      Where does the beginning of the first act take place?

2.                      Who were the cucumber sandwiches supposed to be cut for?

3.                      Why does Algernon suspect that marriage might be demoralizing?

4.                      What does Algernon think that Laneís class is put on earth for?

5.                      What does Jack think about his neighbors?

6.                      What did Jack come to town for?

7.                      The essence of romance is what according to Algernon?

8.                      How many bottles of champagne were consumed on Thursday night when Algernon and the others were dining?

9.                      Who was Algernon dining with?

10.  What does Lane think is the reason that bachelors drink so much wine during a bachelorís establishment?