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Project Ideas and Rubrics:



Shakespeare Wannabe:

You must write a play that deals problems in life. This play must have casting sheet, costume ideas, lighting ideas, and blocking written into the script.

15 pts-Play must be a minimum of ten pages long and no more than 15 pages long

10pts-Casting sheet: list of characters, list number of male roles and female roles.

10pts-costume ideas: sketch out for costume ideas

10pts-lighting ideas: list of color of lights wanted and where

10pts-blocking: write blocking for entire play (where the characters move and when they exit/enter

25pts- plot reflects life problems, characters well developed,

10pts-make a program for the play

10pts-prop list, set design


Tech Geek

You take the role as the tech members of a play. You must make a lighting plot, sound plot, make a costume and more for the play RECKLESS

15pts-Make a lighting plot: list of lights and colors that will be used and where they would hit at

15pts-Make a costume sketch and make that costume (limit costume cost to under $10)

15pts-Ads: make advertisements for they play (poster, commercial, announcement, etc.)

15pts-Sound Plot: list of sounds needed to be in the play

15pts- outline of the set for the play

10pts- create a list of needed props and chart when/where each prop is used

15pts-make a list of what the stage manager is in charge of and explain each of these responsibilities.