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BY: Luis Quiñones de Benavente



Luis Quiñones de Benavente (Representóle Pedro of the Rose) Interlocutors: 

JUAN Frog [ COSME, ] a gallant [ SANCHEZ, ] vejete [ ISABEL, ] its sister a SERVANT [ ANTONIA, ] a cortesana [ San Miguel ] MÚSICO[S ] Sale JUAN Perez with the naked sword after COSME

COSME:  Favor, aid, aid! 

JUAN:  You hope, dog.

 COSME:  Confession, testament, unction, burial!  Ay, that the coffer of the bread wants to horacar to me!

 JUAN:  I come fact one ounce. 

COSME:  I adar to me.

 JUAN:  Poor man of you Juan Frog,  By woman you deny your sister?  You are vos my equal one, camel? 

COSME:  If we were moderate, easy he is sabello. 

JUAN:  Decid, does not come wide east to you brother-in-law? 

COSME:  I do not know, by God;  that not yet me I have proven to him. 

JUAN:  You deserve to take off to me, mold of mentecatos

COSME:  In agreement stockings and shoes hueren.  Híncase

 COSME of knees, and JUAN raises the sword

JUAN:  Christ lives, who kills to you! 

COSME:  Abraham, tate, tate! 

JUAN:  I want to speak to you without rage. 

COSME:  And I want...  A little recoils back, like coachman. 

UAN:  Juan the Frog, prettiest than I have seen.  The sword goes after loose him and, and it flees

COSME:  This is much worse, by Jesu Christ! 

JUAN:  Life of the soul that your love celebrates. 

COSME:  Acabóse.  By God, that me requiebra! 

JUAN:  My angel! 

COSME:  My demon! 

JUAN:  My faithful truth! 

COSME:  My false testimony!

 JUAN:  My love is good. 

COSME:  Then it seems bad. 

JUAN:  Hazme please to give me... 

COSME:  With a wood. 

JUAN:  You have to give the hand me... 

COSME:  If you want it of you whip, it takes, brother. 

JUAN:  Of friendships perfetas... 

COSME:  Válgate Little scamp,  and what you tighten... 

JUAN:  Giving by woman your beautiful sister me. 

COSME:  That is? 

JUAN:  Clear he is. 

COSME:  It is not another thing?

 JUAN:  What habíades thought?

 COSME:  What vos, if they had requebrado to you.

 JUAN:  I ask vuesa sister in marriage. 

COSME:  You want that you it gives it soon? 

JUAN:  That is my attempt.

 COSME:  Either dressed putting and or?

 JUAN:  That desire. 

COSME:  With good dowry? 

JUAN:  It seems that I see it.

 COSME:  What you the serve the padrino and the godmother, whom the kitchen bursts of supper, that is dance, is jira, is madness, and that takes the hands soon you the priest, smelling to me hers to baptismo?  This is just like you want? 

JUAN:  The same, and that you speak to me very clear and without repairs.

 COSME:  Then you I do not want it to give.  Veislo there well craro.

 JUAN:  The cowbell is worth the devil!  Christ Lives;  and my sword?  It is going to take his sword and it finds that it has taken it JUAN Frog and gives after him COSME:  You hope, dog!

 JUAN:  Donosa jerigonza!  Reportaos, I say. 

COSME:  I come fact one ounce. 

JUAN:  I am, friend Juan Frog.

 COSME:  By woman you deny vuesa sister to me?

 JUAN:  Teneos, you do not kill to me without merecello. 

COSME:  You are vos my equal one, camel? 

JUAN:  By the edges he gives me that I have given him.

 COSME:  Decid, does not come wide east to you brother-in-law? 

JUAN:  Plan takes to give me. 

COSME:  You deserve to take off to me? 

JUAN:  Oh, in spite of the little man of water and wool!  Acométele to COSME, loose the sword and flees

COSME:  Ay, that takes diabro to me!  Sister, sister! 

[ Salen ISABEL, their sister, and a BRED SERVANT ]:  That they kill my gentleman!  Leave vuested, quick, quick! 

ISABEL:  Ay, brother of my life!  Who is dead to you, who has died to you?  It embraces to JUAN Perez, and dícele aside Vetoes, and soon returns to make what arranged habemos.

 COSME:  Hello!  I só vueso brother.

  ISABEL:  Cegóme the pain that I have.  Who is dead to you, brother mine?  Who left me without consolation?

 COSME:  Right of perpetual ownership to alive Christ who estó! 

ISABEL:  I do not create it, I do not create it. 

COSME:  Nor God you lets believe it

 ISABEL:  Ana, brings a candlestick with a light, and some cloth whereupon to shroud the body. 

COSME:  You are drunk, demon? 

SERVANT:  Ay, lady;  I go for that reason.  Vase

COSME:  Alive estó.

 ISABEL:  Who killed to you and it left me without remedy?  What will make orphaned and poor I?  

COSME:  Válgame God, if I have died without feeling! 

SERVANT:  Here he is everything.  She removes to a sheet and candlestick with light

ISABEL:  I do not have for the burial;  but, because it grows dark already, to the door we will ask for alms for enterralle.  Cúbrele with that linen cloth.  Échanle in the ground and pónenle a sheet raises

COSME:  That it is certain, sister! 

ISABEL:  Pluguiera to God was not so certain!

  COSME:  Ana, estó died? 

SERVANT:  Then no?  So died as my grandfathers!

  COSME:  Also there are alive grandparents;  Tiéndese but without a doubt is truth this, because all they say it.  Stop!  Murámonos, and I protest that I die reluctantly, and by spell I die, because being venial I, my mortal sister has done to me. 

SANCHEZ with jarro leaves wine and a roll in the hands, dress of widower vejete

SANCHEZ:  If it is second life the bread and the wine for the old ones, to my notebook I bring closer myself and on my room in barracks I rely.  ISABEL:  For the deste bore man, who without confession has died to him.

 SANCHEZ:  I kill who to him '? 

ISABEL:  A man. 

COSME:  A hunger. 

SANCHEZ:  I do not take that to give money;  but you take for its offering bread and came.  It is going to it to give, and COSME rises to the average body and acquittal

COSME:  Oh, old santo, who the deads you revive!

 SANCHEZ:  Conjúrote!  Vade retro!  Vase fleeing

 COSME:  What I leave fallow?  It walks, drunkard.  By God, that is good for being dead;  that in efeto is bread. 

ISABEL:  Cúbrele, that people I feel.  San Miguel S. MIGUEL Leaves:  "I know of a confectioner Sings so famous that selling thousand candies, she makes miracles." 

SERVANT:  For the deste bore man who without confession has died to him.  Levántase [ COSME ] the average body and encounters and falls, and vase fleeing San Miguel S. MIGUEL:  Estuviérase he in house. 

COSME:  And if it could not less be?  Retírase and encounters over the dead and vase fleeing S. MIGUEL:  Ay, that speaks!

 COSME:  Ay, that is above to me!

S. MIGUEL:  Ay, that me has broken the body!

 COSME:  Estuviérase he in house, and took its advice.  They leave singing ANTONIA and the MUSICIANS the 3:  "Ay, what misfortune, gentlemen!

 "ISABEL:  Who sings?

 COSME:  This it is the burial, and "me you do not remember to him."  Brothers, which you have died towards vuesas sisters, leaving them without remedy, duélaos to see that without finding the wagon road I die by the short cut. 

ANTONIA:  Here it has to be, companions, where habemos to sing.  Scratch the instruments, you gorgoriteen the voices and you scream the pasaderos. 

ISABEL:  Give, by God, to bury this deceased. 

ANTONIA:  To good weather!  If vusted wants sung a modern letter to between jácara and the Romance thing, takes, that we bring it here.  It sings by jácara "It bursts the same demon, it dies the same Lucifer, street the same Little scamp, and the same devil also;  because the same one endiablada same jácara is, without it lets mismar from his same childhood;  and they touch and they toll those guitars that already move and jump the feet to me."  Levántase COSME the average body and dances, and they flee COSME:  Sacristan, you bring closer those crossings, that this are is not to lose. 

ANTONIA:  Jesus, who the deads dance! 

COSME:  Then it is worth diabro your bones!  With aquese sonecillo you do not have to make dance deads?  Tired estó to die to me:  let us eat for this fear a sandwich, that to the aim the deads with bread are less.  My offering comes.  Dale the roll and jarro

ISABEL:  Hela aqui ':  salt, Perico, that now is time.

 JUAN leaves Perez with a sheet and tiéndese next to COSME without he sees JUAN him:  (Ay, Isabel, that truely Aside you bring to me by hablarte dead)  COSME:  Defuntos toasts, gentlemen.

  JUAN:  Here the reason we will do.  It takes jarro, it drinks and it vuélvese to throw

COSME:  San Dimas, San Babilés, poquito to poquito I lie down, that is another dead in campaign!  Échase Sister, sister!

 ISABEL:  What is that? 

COSME:  Another dead. 

ISABEL:  What frightens to you?  To this they buried first, and is in your sepoltura.  Volveos here. 

COSME:  I already become.

  ISABEL:  Ana, entretenle.  Pásase next to JUAN BRED Perez:  Yes I will do.  What you have?  

COSME:  Not more of fear.  ISABEL:  It is possible that I speak to you?

 JUAN:  It is possible that I see you? 

COSME:  Sister, what you do?  It returns and veils to speak

 ISABEL:  I try apartaros this body.  Levántase COSME and pónese both in the middle of

 COSME:  I you will separate to him better, than much to yours sticks. 

JUAN:  Ay, Isabel, you do not go away!  Strip della

COSME:  Died Sir, estése I am.  Let us have the death peacefully or I will stick two dead ones to him. 

JUAN:  I in my sepoltura am:  let us speak of good to good.  Échanse both and speaks

COSME:  We will have very in good hour.  Of what he died, horseman? 

JUAN:  Of tercianas. 

COSME:  I of hunger.  And where this '?

 JUAN:  In hell. 

COSME:  And who is alla '?

 JUAN:  Juan Frog.

 COSME:  The mind like badly died;  They fight that Juan Frog has been santo, because suffered to the mosqueteros.  Vuélvense to throw and siéntase ISABEL ISABEL in the middle:  Defuntos gentlemen, peace, because I put myself of by means.  Vuélvanse to its sepolturas. 

JUAN:  Returned I am. 

COSME:  And I estó returned. 

JUAN:  Wife of my entrails! 

ISABEL:  What you want, beautiful owner?

 JUAN:  Who expands our weddings?  Levántase COSME;  it pónese in the middle of two.  SANCHEZ leaves, of demon

COSME:  I, that I put impediment.

 SANCHEZ:  To swindle the bread and the wine with muertecitas and tangles to me!  God lives, that is of gormallo with the disguise that I have put myself!  To badly a dead, badly a demon. 

ISABEL:  Brother, you do not see that?

 COSME:  More it was worth to me to blind. 

SERVANT:  A demon is at least. 

COSME:  Then what will be by the others?  J

UAN:  My sins are aquestos. 

SANCHEZ:  Two died it has, and he was one;  but if they were true? 

COSME:  San Liberanos to bad!  Vanse raising, kneeling of knees, and SANCHEZ also, being scared

JUAN:  Sir mine, I promise, if I escape desta, to be friar. 

COSME:  I promise to be ventero.  Levántanse the dead

SANCHEZ:  God lives, that rises!  Acércase SANCHEZ

 COSME:  That one approaches without remedy! 

JUAN:  Llegaos here.  To to it him JUAN to COSME

COSME:  Ay, that takes hold to me! 

SANCHEZ:  Punishment is this one of the sky. 

COSME:  Let us flee!  They give races by the tablado one, fleeing

SANCHEZ:  I want to flee. 

COSME:  It tastes the cross! 

SANCHEZ:  Good Jesus! 

COSME:  That '?  The devil says Jesus? 

SANCHEZ:  That '?  The deads are scared?  They leave [ ] MUSICAL singing MUSICOS:  "They stop, they stop the fears, and they leave to the deads linen cloths and the devil the disguise." 

SERVANT:  I clear the sheet to him to the young man. 

COSME:  I to old the grey hairs without going to the Jordán. 

ANTONIA:  Why denies her sister to this man, who cries, that moans, that wants to expire? 

COSME:  Because I fear that in being brother-in-law it throws saetas to me by the brotherhood. 

JUAN:  They are not all the brothers-in-law as it paints them will refrán. 

COSME:  Of relatives by very poquito small board there is FIAR. 

JUAN:  I do not want to you to clear nothing, before I try to give to you. 

COSME:  Who died clears the wine to me, alive, what she cleared to me '?  And it goes and it comes cuñadería, but in house it does not have to enter.  That, huéspeda, máteme that brother-in-law, who until the name me makes bad. 

ANTONIA:  "there is no worse people Sing that men and women."

 COSME:  "Brothers-in-law and pigs, the deads the mijores."

 ALL:  "Of timid and entremeses all by one of two are always ed ***reflx mng.  Ríanse of aqueste by love of God;  by diminished, glad or these causes two.  Ríanse of aqueste by love of God."