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1.She will be put to death

2.Lysander and Hermia decide to run away and get married.

3.Helena tells Demetrius about their plan so she can be near him.

4.The flower has it powers because it was hit by one of Cupids magical arrow.

5.Puck puts a drop in Demetriusíeyes so he fell in love with Helena and put a drop in Lysanderís eye so he also fell in love with Helena.

6.Lysander and Demetrius want to duel because they both want to fight for Helenaís love.

7.Oberon uses his power to put all the lovers asleep and put some nectar in Lysanderís eye and faced him towards Hermia. He put some nectar in Demetriusí eye and faced him towards Helena.

8.The other characters thought their play was silly.


10.                Pucks final speech was to tell the audience not to be offended.