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Mrs. Chrenshaw's Work Sheet

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Answer Key

Word Bank

*Situational Irony
*Understatement *Verbal Irony
*Dramatic Irony
*Parody *Satire
*Sarcasm *Pun

Directions- Write the right terms in the blank to the following definitions.

1. __________- a play on words, or a joke based on words with several meanings or on words that sound alike but have different meaning.

2. ___________________- is representing something as less than it actually is.

3. _____________________- is extravagant exaggeration for the sake of emphasis.

4. _________________- consists of cutting, often unkind or ironic, remarks made to show disapproval or taunt.

5. _____________-is a form of writing that closely imitates the style of an author or a literary work for the sake of ridicule or comic effect.

6. ____________________________- exists when the actual outcome of a situation is the opposite of someone’s expectations.

7. _______________- form of writing that exposes personal, social , or political failing to ridicule or scorn, often in an effort to correct them.

8. ______________- contrast between reality and what seems real.

9. __________________________- occurs when the audience has important information that characters in a literary work do not have.

10. _____________________- exists when a person says one thing and mean another.

Directions- Put the right Irony with the each scenario.

1. Bonquesha was watching the weather channel and heard it will be a record high, so she wore shorts to school. Unfortunately, she was watching a re- run of last week special and it ended up snowing.

2. Dominique told Diavion, “He haven’t seen her in a minute.”

3. Chris girlfriend Alizaye is three weeks pregnant. Sheila and Paris already know about the baby. But they come to see the look on Chris face when Alizaye tells him the news.

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Answer Key

By Chan'nel