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Writing Process


When prewriting you decide what you want to write about. You decide by your ideas, feelings, and memories. When prewriting you:

-Refine, focus, and explore your topic

-You gather information about your topic

-You make notes about what you want to say about it

-You also think about your audience and your purpose


When you write your draft, the goal for your draft is to organize your ideas, facts, and details. Make sure that you have main ideas you paper. By doing so, make sure your paper have paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain a topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph and be supported by details, which is also called concrete detail. Also, your explanations on each concrete detail, which is called commentary.

Revising/ Editing

When Revising/ Editing you want to make sure that your writing is clear and well organized. Revising means, “seeing again” (Grammar and Composition Handbook, p443) You need to look at your writing again and read it to yourself as it would sound if someone else was reading your writing. Also, you might want to read your paper to others to see what they have to say or record yourself. After evaluating your work you might want to move things around or change them completely. You can add information or cut information. When revising you want to:

- Improve paragraphs

- Implement self-evaluation and peer evaluation

- Check content and structure

-Make sure the language is specific, descriptive, and, nonsexist

- Check unity and coherence

- Check style and tone


When proofreading make sure that your sentences are grammatically correct and make sure that you don’t have any spelling errors. When proofreading you also want to make sure that you don’t have any capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. (Refer to your Grammar and Composition Handbook for Proofreading symbols on page 446)

Publishing/ Presenting

This stage is where you want to present or publish your work. You might want to present it to the class or to some of your friends. You might want to submit your work to the school newspaper or to a web page.