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Writing Assignments




Writing Assignment # 1


Read a comedic book of your choice. Write an essay explaining how the writer manages to express comedy with different types of comedy elements such as hyperbole, satire, farce, understatement, pun, sarcasm, irony, parody, and wit. You must also give examples of each form of comedy, and you must state the page number and the paragraph number.



Rubric For Writing Assignment.htm 1 and 2


Writing Assignment #2


Watch a comedy movie and give 2 examples of farce, 2 examples of irony, 2 examples of sarcasm, and 2 examples of wit. Movie must be pre approved before starting assignment. You must write about how the movie shows these elements with well-detailed examples. Also you must choose a character that you like and provide examples of any type of comedy elements that he or she uses.