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Quick Tutorial for Creating Web Pages on Microsoft Word


*  Step 1: Open Microsoft Word on the computer. Select File -> New -> Web Page.


*  Step 2: Set up the look of your page!

*  For background/themes, select Format -> Background (OR) Theme

*  To insert pictures/shapes, select Insert -> Pictures -> (you choose)

*  To insert a text box, select Insert -> Text Box (you should be able to type freely also)

*  To insert a hyperlink, select Insert -> Hyperlink (type full link, select OK)

*  Make words/pictures hyperlinks by highlighting them, right click, select Hyperlink, then type

                  in the full link you want the words/picture to take you to (or use the button on the toolbar)


*  Step 3: Save your work!

*  Click the disk button on the toolbar or select File -> Save

*  Name the file something related to that page, being sure it ends in .html


* If you have questions, you can click Help -> Show the Office Assistant -> type in your question or a

    key word -> hit Enter


*  Each page must have a link to the Home/Main page. The address for the link is