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Test over ALL plays


1.                       Who was it that took Hermia to court?

2.                       Can you tell why Hermia and Lysander decide to get married in the next town?

3.                       Who was it that told Demetrius that she was getting married in another town to someone else?

4.                       Can you name the King and Queen of Fairyland?

5.                       Who was it that sent Puck to find a magic flower?

6.                       Who do you think the magic flower was intentionally for?

7.                       What differences exist between Lysander and Demetrius?

8.                       Can you provide an example of an element in which logic is suspended in favor of symbolism, as in our own dreams?

9.                       Who were the key characters in Act I Scene I?

10.              What was the main idea of Act I Scene I?

11.              Who is the main character in the play Reckless?

12.              Why is Lloyd so nice to Rachel?

13.              What is the setting of the play?