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Test Questions

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1.  Who really is the Bear?

a.   Charles Pierre Philippe, Dauphin


Match the right kid right the right birth side they were born in.


2.  Nils Erlend (h)                            a. North

3.  Elis (b)                                        b. East

4.  Selma Eva(g)                           c. South

5.  Sara (c)                                     d. West

6.  Sanja Wende (e)                     e. South West

7.  Williem (d)                                 f. North West

8.  Neddy Wilfrid (f)                       g. South East

9.  Ebba Rose(a)                    h. North East

10.               Do a hero cycle based on the novel we read.












11.               11.Which of the character would you like to be and why?


12.               12.If you were Rose what would you change if you new that this would happen.


13.               13.What is the theme of this book?

a.   The theme of this book is friendship is the greatest thing to have.

14.               14. Eugenia was told of a terrible accident that would happen to one of their children. Which child is it and what is the accident?

a.   She was told that her North born, Rose, would die a horrible cold death, suffocating under ice and snow.


15.               15. By what did the bear meant, "East of the sun and west of the moon"?

a.   he meant that he does not know were he is going.

16.               16. Since when did Rose and Needy seen the Bear

a.   she their names based on the direction they were born on a compass.

17.               17. What did Eugenia based the names of children?

a.   since Rose got lost and needy went to look for her. He found her being carried by a white bear.

18.               18. If Rose had not known how to mend or sow what would have change?

                                                      i.     she would need to find a way to spend her time in the castle.

                                                       ii.     She will need to find another way to get closer to Myk.

19.               19. What are the other names of the Bear?

a.   Myk

b.   Charles Pierre Phil, Dauphin

20.               20. Give a short summary, 5 or longer, of how Rose and Myk saved each other?

a.   Rose dress herself as a troll when the Troll Queen is about to get married. She gets Tuky to get Myk to come to her so she could dance with him and also so she could slip his ring back into his hand. Thanks to the ring he is able to get his memory, but he need to find a way to get out. So he makes the Troll Queen wash his nightshirt that has a wax stain. The more she tries the bigger the stain gets, and if she or however gets the stain out he would marry. Until Rose goes up on the stage and takes it out. The queen is angry and furious she starts throwing flames, and since the castle is made of ice it starts to fall down. Myk saves Rose by protecting her from the falling ice.


21.               21. What doese the family know that Rose doesn't?

a.   that Rose is a replacement for Eugenia and Arne lost daughter.

22.               22. Why is Needy closer to Rose than any one of the families?

a.   He vowed to always watch over her.

23.               23. Why does the bear need Rose for?

a.   he needs her so she could brake the spell.

24.               24. Who wanted to keep Myk as their property or husband?

a.   Troll Queen

25.               25. Which instrument those Charles and Rose, know to play?

a.   the flute

26.              What the reasons why Rose's mom doesn't like North born?

a.    They won't stay still for a minute

b.    Ill behave

27.              How many children did Eugenia and Arne had?

a.    They had only 8

28.              Which child did Eugenia and Arne lost?

a.    Elise

29.              What those Rose learns to do?

a.    To mend

30.              What did Rose asked her father to do? Why?

a.    Rose asked if he could draw a picture of Elise, because she wanted to learn how she looked like.

31.              What was Rose first gift?

a.    A pair of soft boots

32.              Who found Rose?

a.    A white bear

33.              Why did Rose get 'chanterelle mushrooms'? Whom where they for?

a.    Rose got those mushrooms for old Widow Houtzig, because she wanted to learn how to weave

34.              What was the last thing Rose made in the Widow's loom?

a.    A cloak

35.              Who fell ill?

a.    Sara

36.              What did the bear promise them if he took Eugenia's and Arne's youngest daughter?

a.    He promised them that Sara would return back to health and that their fortune would return to them back.

37.              How many days did the bear give them to think it over?

a.    He gave them 7 or a week

38.              What happens every nigh when she goes to bed?

a.    Someone climbs up the bed and sleeps next to her

39.              What was the color of the three dresses?

a.    Gold, Silver, and White/ color of the moon

40.              What did Rose made for her visitor?

a.    She made a nightshirt

41.              Who many days did the bear give her to stay with her family?

a.    He gave her a month no more no less

42.              When they get to her home what does the bear tell her to do?

                                                      i.     To be careful around her mother

b.    Not to tell anything to anybody

43.              Who is the boy that Rose meet in the library?

a.    Tuki

44.              Why dose Rose keep on having nightmares?

a.    Because she does not now who is the visitor

45.              What was the thing resting next to her?

a.    A man

46.              What happen to the man and the castle?

a.    They both disappear.

47.              What does he give her?

a.    He gives her a ring.

48.              Which dress does she give to Thor?

a.    She gives him the golden dress.

49.              After the storm who those Rose save"

a.    She saves Thor.



50.              What does the Troll Queen call the bear?

a.    She calls him, Myk.


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