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TEST (refer to these poems if needed)



1) Write one example of alliteration that you see in any of the poems?
2) List the rhyme scheme in the poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge: France: An Ode?

3) Label the theme in the first poem Po Chü-i: The Charcoal-Seller?
4) Name the attend audience in the third poem Edward Kamau Brathwaite: Limbo?

5) State the theme in the third poem?
6) Define the word meter?

7) Explain the author’s main purpose of writing Ono no Komachi: The hue of the cherry?
8) Summarize the poem
Bishnu Dey: ASPIRATION into one message?
9) Name the attended author for the poem
Samuel Taylor Coleridge:France: An Ode?
10) Describe the imagery in the poem
11) List the attended audience for the poem

12) Use personification in a sentence?
13) Compute the type of poem
Po Chü-i: The Charcoal-Seller is?
14) Come up with your own example of onomatopoeia?

15) Describe how the enjambment helps the flow of the poems?
16) Identify the theme in the poem
Edward Kamau Brathwaite: Limbo?
17) Construct your own example of a metaphor?

18) Analyze what the authors trying to get across in the Limbo?

19) Does the poem Limbo have any enjambment?

20) How many line is a sonnet?

21) What do you think of the poem the Charcoal- Seller?


1)      “Through the web of the wind” from the poem aspiration.

2)      A A B A C C D E D E F G F H H G H

3)      That hard work pay off

4)      Anyone