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Suggestions for each Part of Speech


Remember that a noun is basically a person, place, or thing. A noun could be any object, a human being, or any place in the world.


Remember that a pronoun takes the place of an noun. Instead of saying the object name you would say “it”. Instead of using your own name you would say “I” or “me”.

When talking about a group of people, instead of using everyone names including your you would say “us” or “we”. (“You” can be used as a specific word or a word in general)

When talking about someone else use words like: him, her, she, or his. When talking about others not including yourself, instead of saying everyone’s name you would say “they” or “them”.


Remember that a verb is any action word. Anything that your body might do is basically an verb.


Are words that are descriptive words. Adjectives answer what kind, which one, how many, or how much.


Remember that adverbs modify a verb. Adverbs help exaggerate the verb more.


Prepositions help tells where something is by using words like next to, beneath, under, up, etc….


Remember FANBOYS and acronym for: For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, and So.