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       Answer Sheet


What I have been doing lately

  1. What she been doing and what she about to do.


  1. She thought they were made up out of mud.


  1. Because she was so sad and she was tired.


  1. She is speaking to us the reader and her audience.


  1. Because she recognizes her.


The censors

  1. And old crush


  1. He writes her back


  1. Section J


4.  Four sections K J, E, and B


  1. Let happiness a feeling you can’t trust get the better of him

The Happy Mans Shirt

  1. He is Dieing


  1. Because he was always unhappy


  1. In a vineyard


  1. To be happy


  1. By ordering a professor and looking for a happy man shirt


Mrs. James

      1.   “That very true, but on the other hand some folks might be doing their own house work… don’t cha know”


     2. Tell her that she has to work on Saturday


    3. Like she more than her


    4. That she is selfish and conceded


   5. Because she put her self on the pettle stool


Civil Peace

      1.His head, his wife Maria head and the heads of three out of their four children and 5 humans head


     2. Enugu a city in southern Nigeria a taxi driving families across the 4 miles stretch to the nearest tarred road


    4. Ex Gratia


  1. Rummage in his raffia bag and produced the 2-pound with which he had been doing to buy firewood, which his wife, Maria sells directly to the customers.

Essay Questions

          Mrs. James         

Why do you think Mrs. James act the way she does? Give reason.


            What I been doing lately

How does the author use the sense of imagery in the story?


            The Happy Mans Shirt

How has the king take it when he fined out that the prince his son is unhappy?


            Civil Peace

What are the difference between Enugu and the U.S?


            The Censors

Why does Juan feel so good when he get Mariana address?


Essay Answer

Mrs. James- Because she has more money then Mildred and because Mildred has to do what she say because Mildred works for Mrs. James like when Mildred said she doesn’t work on Saturday and Mrs. James said that she needed her to work that day


What I been doing lately- She uses it by telling the first few sentences when she walked out of the house and when she mistakenly think the people was a puddle of mud


The Happy Mans Shirt- He goes out and order a decree and they have to find a happy mans shirt to be happy. They go to different places and then they find a happy man and get his shirt but the happy man didn’t wear a shirt.


Civil Peace- Enugu has money that worth less than one cent and police doesn’t have the right to come in your house and disrespect you, there language, since of style. The same is that we all have the same values in life that similar to us like family is first ant that money don’t grow on trees for nothing so get up and get a job.


The censors- Because they had lost contact with each other and he was looking for her address an then it comes threw a confidential resource where he works and know he think it maybe the star of something


Meet Alice Childress

Alice Childress was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1920. She move to Harlem, New York with here grandmother were she was encourage to believe that her idea were valuable and to write the days. She embraced the concept and dedicated herself to becoming a writer. She also became an accomplished actress and playwright and was the first African American Women to have a play produced on Broadway. She moved to Manhattan of her death in 1994. The story appears in the short story collection like one of the family conversation from a domestic life.



Meet Chinua Achcebe

 Meet Chinua Ache is was born in 1930 in Ogidi, Nigeria.

He words refers to his use of English, rather than his narrative

 Jbo tongue to write short stories and novel about Nigeria. “It doesn’t matter what language you write in as long as what you write is good.” In these words, he has tried to give English- Speaking reader a deeper and more realistic view of Africa culture




Meet Italo Calvino

Italo Calvino was born in Cuba in 1923. He began writing when he was a teenager in Italy, his early writings-which resemble fables or myths-were influenced by the oppressive political condition of Mussolini Fascist Regime, when a man cannot give clear form received many important literary awards wrote novels, short stories, essays, and translation. Before he died in 1985 he published the English translation of the collection in 1980.



Meet Luisa Valenzuela

            Luisa Valenzuela was born in 1938 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Where her mother was a writer, When Luisa was 17yrs old she wrote her first story “city of the unknown” following her mother footsteps. She writes about Argentinean politics as well a s there fate of women in repressive societies much of her story is reality and a Latin American style called “magical realism”.


Question Quiz



What I have been doing lately

  1. What is she describing in the beginning of the story? (Be Specific)


  1. What was she imagine when she saw the mud puddle, and up close?


  1. Why did she go back to bed? (At the end of the story)


  1. Who is she talking to?


5.    Do you know why the lady said “its you”?


The Censors

  1. Who is Mariana?


  1. What does Juan do when he gets Mariana address?


  1. Where was Juan transferred at/to?


  1. How Many Promotions did Juan get and name them?


  1. How does Juan Feel when he reach Mariana letter?


The Happy Man’s Shirt

  1. What wrong with the king son?


  1. Why is the prince sad?


  1. Where do the king find the unhappy man?


  1. How does the shirt help the prince?


  1. How does the king try to help the prince?


Mrs. James

1.What does Mildred say to Mrs. James?


2.What do Mrs. James do back?


3.How does Mrs. James act toward Mildred?


4.What challenge does Mildred face in dealing with Mrs. James?


5.Why doesn’t she use the words I or me?


Civil Peace

1.What does Jonathan Think to be his greatest blessing?


2.Where are Jonathan and his family?


3.What kind of job Jonathan has?


4.What award id he receives?


5.How did Jonathan and his family earn money?