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Sample Writing Prompt

Descriptive Writing:

When I walked into my house I could smell the cookies my grandmother was baking.

My sister has been chosen to be the ďTaste TesterĒ to make sure my grandmothers famous chocolate chip cookies were as good as always. By the sound of my sister smacking, I could tell the cookies must been better than ever. I washed my hands then reached to grab me one of the cookies. I didnít have paper towel to put the cookie on, so the cookie felt all warm and moist in my hand. Looking at the cookie made me drool so I quickly took a big bite out of the cookie. It had a warm and moist taste in my mouth and it was the best tasting cookie I had ever tasted before.

Narrative Writing:

When I was 7 years old I remember my mother throwing my brother and I a party at Mr. Gattis. I thought this party was going to be very fun. One by one, different people that was in my brotherís second grade class showed up. I didnít see none of my friends. All of a sudden I seen a couple of people from my first grade class showed up. I was still looking for my best friend, Cassandra. The party had begun and I was still hoping that Cassandra was going to come. My brother and I started to open our presents and still no Cassandra. The party had ended and I was kind of upset because Cassandra didnít show up and I had to have fun with my classmates. That Monday at school I didnít want to talk to Cassandra because she didnít come to my party and she was suppose to be my best friend. She came up and apologized to me and told me why she couldnít make my party. She said that her grandmother had past away the day of my party. I told her I was sorry for being a selfish friend. Next thing I knew she gave my present. It was a Lisa Frank art set with stickers and stamps. I felt better afterwards.

Expository Writing:

These are the following steps to make a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. First step is to get your utensils which is a knife and a spoon. Get the jelly from the refrigerator and the peanut butter from the cabinet. Open both of the jars and put the knife in the peanut butter and the spoon in the jelly. Get the bread and open it and get two slices and close the bread back up. Put some peanut butter on the first bread and spread it with the knife. Next you put some of the jelly on the other bread and spread it with the spoon. When youíre finished spreading the jelly and the peanut butter on the bread you put the 2 slices of bread together and open your mouth wide and eat your sandwich.

Persuasive Writing:

You should by the new Ultra Mega Frisbee 3000. This is the best fun a person can ever have. You can do lots tricks with this toy. You can throw it with a friend about 3 yards. You can even have fun with the best toy of the century in the dark. So the fun will never stop. You can even record yourself and send messages to your friend that you are throwing the Frisbee to. This is the best toy in the market business right now. If you donít have this toy your not going to be cool and your not going to have any friends. So call 555-1988 so you can get your Ultra Mega Frisbee 3000 immediately. Everyone have one why mot you? CALL NOW!!!!