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Research Paper

The first step to doing a research paper is Prewriting. When Prewriting you want choose a topic that interest you. This will make your paper more easier and interesting. Also think about what information is manageable so that you have everything for your research paper also this will give the length to your paper. Also, you donít want to pick a topic that is too narrow or too broad. You want it narrow. For example you want to find information about Pablo Picasso. Art would be too broad and Picassoís painting Les Demoiselles díAvignon would be too narrow. Trying to find information about Pablo Picasso would be just right.

The second step to writing a research paper is Drafting. Start your paper with an outline. This will help you organize your thoughts and your information. Start your paper as smoothly as possible. Donít worry about using the right words and phrases, that will come later when you start revising and editing.

When you find information or quotes that you want to use in your research paper make sure that you are Citing your Sources. By citing your sources you are letting your readers know where you got your information. If you donít cite your sources this is called plagiarism. Even if you are rewording your information you still need to let the reader know where you got your information.

When you write your first draft you need to make any changes that doesnít make any sense and check for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. When you do this, this is called Revising/Editing. Mark any errors on your paper that you need to make on your paper so you know where you need to make the changes, Also, you can cut or even add sentences to help the flow of your paper.

The next step into writing paper is Proofreading. This step is where the author reads the paper out loud. When proofreading you are suppose to read your paper for the final time. Again, you check for grammatical, punctuation, citations, and spelling. When reading the paper out loud you want to hear if the flow of your paper sounds right.

The last step ink writing your paper is Publishing/Presenting/your Research Paper. This is the stage of your Research paper where your teacher might ask you to have a cover page. Your cover page should include your name, the title of your paper, and other identifying information. Your teacher may also ask for other materials such as your outline. Your teacher might even ask include a summary statement. This is a restatement of your thesis statement that is no longer than 2 or 3 sentences long that is inserted before your report.

Thesis Statement Is a concise idea that you try o prove, expand on, or illustrate in your writing.