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Quiz Answers:

1.  Hercules Platt

2.  African American

3.  New York

4.  San Francisco

5.  Charlene

6.  piano

7.  saxophone

8.  ms. Sparks

9.  she thought Diana had some rare and valuable pearls

10.               waiter at the Fairmont hotel

11.               he committed suicide by jumping off a bridge

12.               Diana

13.               ice pick

14.               Blue moon

15.               Philip

16.               under a bridge

17.               Diana

18.               Collier

19.               because Ms. Sparks had just killed someone

20.               because she was in love with Diana

21.               to find out who had killed Diana

22.               Because she was lying. She had barely killed Vivian.

23.               An old police officer who had let Collier slip when he found out Collier had killed Diana, Del Conte's sister.

24.               Valentino's dress he had died with.

  1. They remained good friends and Platt was even going to play in Philip's band.


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