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From Sundianta

1.  Who took over Mali?

2.  Who did Soumaoro capture?

3.  What did Djata had to sacrifice?

4.  Who sent Nana Triban to Soumaoro and for what?

5.  How was she able to come real close to Soumaoro to be able to defeat him?



Quiz for myth of China


1.   What did Huang Di army feature?


2.   What does Chi You look like?


3.   What caused these gods to meet?


4.   What was Huang Di so called “secret weapon” and what did the weapon do?


5.   What did Huang Di use to help end the war and what was the item made from?






Quiz for the myth of South America



1.   What was the Jaguar the master of?


2.   How did the regular people eat?


3.   What did the Jaguar use to hunt and how was it different from that of the normal people?


4.   What did the Jaguar teach the poor man?


5.   How did the man repay the Jaguar and what was the effect of his repayment?


Questions for C.A Myth


1.  What was he the god of?


2.  What did he bring to the people?


3.  What did Tezcatlipoca show Quetzalcoatl that had him shocked?


4.  Why did Quetzalcoatl seem horrified when he woke up?


5.  What did he do to his kingdom and what did he tell his followers to do?






Questions for Oceania & Australia Myth


1.   What did Maui look like?


2.   What did Maui not like?


3.  What did Maui use to get to the sun god and what did he do to him?


4.  What did Maui do to the sky?


5.  Where did the Polynesian Islands come from come from?





Answers Key