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Grammar and Writing


Find the correct use of pronouns by filling in the blanks provided. Some blanks will have clues to help you find the answer.

1. _______ left his wallet on the bus.

2. ________ was grounded for two weeks.

3.__________ (plural 3rd person) said that the teacher got fired.

4. __________(plural first person) decided to have Mexican food for lunch.

5. Iíll help _________ on your homework. (2nd person)

6. I helped ____________ make an ďAĒ on the test. (3rd person plural)

7. ________ cleaned the whole house by myself. (1st person)

8. Could you help ________ me with my homework?(1st person plural)

9. She kissed ________ goodbye. (3rd person singular)

10. ________ was happy to have a new born baby. (3rd person singular)