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Draw or paint a picture in able to create what you think Elise's portrait looks like.

The picture most be made by you and only you. Do not go to the Internet and print out a picture. If you created from Photoshop or other place, you would need to show me the layers or the pre drawings. I would do the same thing to those that are going to draw or painted.

You will write a three-page paper. In this three-page paper you would write as if you were Elise and this was your dairy entry. Also this is before you are sick.




You will draw a map of what you believe is were Rose traveled. In this map you would need to include at least five of the main places Rose talks or stays at.

The map most be your own creation. I do not want to see that you open up an encyclopedia and copy it or print out map of Europe. Points would be taken off.

You would write a letter to Harold Saren. In this letter you would tell him that you would like to make a new map. You must name or call this map of your other than map. It most not have the words map on it.




Since Needy writes poems. You will need to write two poems, and get four others.

The poems must reflect apart of Rose life, her journey, and her new friends.

You would also need to include pictures. You could draw or cut them out of magazines. You would not get the pictures from the Internet. The pictures most reflect what the poems are about.








Your Poems

9-4 lines in each stanza

7-7 or more stanzas

Other Poems

5-Published poems

9-Two from another  country



10-Most reflect the poem

5-7 or more pictures

40-most not come from the internet






10-Must be hand made


6-Most have mountains, lakes, rivers, paths, etc.

5-They most be named

5-Design your own wind rose

50-Not copied or printed

Letter to Harold

8-Two pages


5-12 font, 1-inch margins, font- I need to be able to read it.






10-Most be on a canvas, or on a neat poster

15-Your own work

5-You will need 3 to 5 sketches of your art. You I would know that it is your own work

10-The sketches most have my sign of approval

30-most not be from the Internet


Elise Diary



10-12-font, 1-inch margins. Font- I will need to be able to read it.


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