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Nonfiction: Literature that is factual and informative.

Autobiography: A biography of yourself

Memoir :an account of the author’s personal experience.

Shigeru Miyamoto: the developer of Nintendo

Akira Toriyama: the creator of the Dragon Ball series


Reese Witherspoon: starred in movies such as Legally Blond

Wanda Sykes: a stand up comedian who also starred in movie roles





Strictly C'S Nonfiction Site

For this quiz please answer the following:

1.what is the theme?

2.does this piece connect with you in some way?

Additional Resource - Literary Press Sites

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Short Story Elements: Fiction: a creation that is not real but seems real. Something that has been invented.

* Setting: The description In which the story takes place.

* Protagonist: The main character in a drama or other literary work.

* Antagonist: A character in a book that opposes against another; an adversary.

* First Person Point of View: Refers to the use of “I” in a letter or story.

* Third Person Point of View: A story told by the author using ‘he’, ‘she’, and ‘they’.

* Third Person Omniscient Narrator: Is when the author knows everything and allows the writer to mention thoughts and feelings.

* Third Person Limited Narrator: The narrator is able to see into the mind of a single character.

* Theme: The topic of discourse or discussion.

* External Conflict: Are broken into six types-

* Person vs. Person

* Person vs. Society

* Person vs. Beast

* Person vs. Elements

* Person vs. Fate

* Person vs. Machine

* Internal Conflict: Are conflicts within the character.

* Exposition: A setting forth of meaning or intent.

* Rising Action: The events of a dramatic story preceding the climax.

* Climax: The ascending intensity following a series or progression.

* Falling Action: The events of a dramatic story following the climax.

* Resolution: The subsiding or termination of the climax.



Project option one:

 Create a autobiography about a person which inspires you or that you like. Include DOB,name, experiences, past,present, etc. This will either be videotaped or done before hand.

20-name of person,info,etc.

20-video of the presentation

20-how well the presentation is done

20-content:visuals, music

20-overall performance,readiness.


Project option two:

Create  a collage about yourself or a person which you like or inspires you in some way. Include items which pertain to you and explain why you chose,pick a song  which also pertains to MUST BE SCHOOL APPROPIATE!!


20-collage,how it was done

20-the music selection

20-for explaining why and how

15-number of pictures used


5-having it complete


project option 3:choose your favorite author or singer/musician,whoever,and pretend that you are interviewing must list the questions and the responses.also,list the music or work that they have done. Explain the impact it has on the audience

20-name of author,whoever



20-for the music