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Answers to 35-Question Test


                                    Le Morte’d Arthur

1. King Uther of Pendragon called Merlin to help him.

2. Merlin transformed King Uther into the husband of Igrane in order to defeat her husband later on.

3. The Knight that took care of Arthur was Sir Hector.

4. The reason was because Arthur was the chosen one; he was the son of King Uther Pendragon.

5. Arthur made him his loyal knight.


6. Because both of them were somewhat deformed and strange.

7. Because one day he was very angry because of an insult and chopped a whole tree in half.

8. He ordered him to sacrifice different types of animals.

9. He made an army to completely destroy Soumaro.

10. At the end the sorcerer Soumaro was defeated, and Sundiata was made king of Mali.


11. The wig got blown away by the wind.

12. The lion used a witty response saying that he should not get another wig that was not his if his could not stay on in the first place.

13. He said that his plumage was an ugly one.

14. The crane was much taller than the peacock.

15.  Ali Baba followed the thieves and then he found the cave..

16. The secret word to open the cave was “open sesame”

17. The person that saved Ali Baba from the thieves was Morgiana.

18. The captain of the thieves said that he was selling oil.

19. The thieves were boiled with oil.

20. The captain of the thieves.

                                                The Blue Belt

21. She told the boy not to pick up the belt, since she thought it might have witchcraft on it.

22. He called the troll “grandfather”.

23. The troll cooked an ox for dinner.

24. The troll tried to kill the boy with a boulder.

25. The old woman asked the boy to go the backyard and get some lion milk.

26. The thing that made the boy fall sleep for three days was the apples in an enchanted tree.

27. They burned his eyes and then they sent him to a boat so he could drown in the river.

28. The Lions were the ones who saved the boy.

29. The boy burned the troll’s eyes, and then he tied him to the boat where he would drown.


30. Superman’s native name is Kal-El

31. Superman was called “the man of steel throughout the 50’s and 60’s.

32. One of superman’s powers was super strength.

33. The town where superman lived his childhood was called Smallville.

34. The Sun is the source where superman can get his powers from, like a charger.

35. Lois Lane is the person known as superman’s wife.

                              Bloom Taxonomy level Answers:

1.             He goes with a crew and four ships to find the princess in Arabia.

2.             I believe that the main reason why Ali Baba’s brother dies in the story is because, in the story he is shown as a villainous character, and at the end for being so unreasonable with his brother he received death.

3.             The reason why the wizard Merlin wanted King Uther’s first son, was because Merlin knew all along who he was going to be, he knew that he was going to be a great king and put his nation in the top.

4.             In the story, Sundiata starts to have problems even as he was just a child, since his mother was somewhat deformed, he had also inherited some of the traits and become a “monster” to the people of Mali, Also once he becomes older the sorcerer Soumaro kidnaps his half-sister and he also makes other different problems that become and obstacle for Sundiata.

5.             To start out, the differences of Sundiata and King Arthur are very big, for example King Arthur was not raised with his father nor had any incredible strength, Sundiata also did not have a beautiful mother or a sword as powerful as Excalibur. The similarities that Sundiata and King Arthur have, is that for example both of them are kings, and that both of them also have to achieve something to become kings.