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35-Question Test


1. What did King Uther Of Pendragon do to get Lady Igrane?

2.What did Merlin do to help the King?

3.With What knight did Arthur grow up with?

4.How come Arthur was the only one who could lift the sword?

5.How did Arthur reward Sir Hector?


6. Why did Sundiata and his mother get insulted all the time?

7.How was Sundiata later on respected?

8.What did the sorcerer Soumaro ordered Sundiata to do?

9.How Did Sundiata plan to get back Mali?

10.What happened at the end of the story?


11.What happened to the lion’s wig?

12.How did the lion respond to the tiger sisters when his wig fell off?

13.How did the peacock try to embarrass the crane?

14.What was the advantage that the crane had over the peacock?

         Ali Baba and The forty Thieves

15.How did Ali Baba find the cave?

16.What was the secret word to open the cave?

17.Who was the person who saved Ali Baba from the thieves?

18.What was the product that the captain of the thieves said to be selling?

19.How were most of the thieves killed?

20.Who was the person who set up his store right in front in Ali Baba son’s shop.

                          The Blue Belt

21.Why did the old woman said to the boy to ignore the belt?

22.What did the boy call the troll when he first saw him?

23.Whatdid the troll cook for the boy to eat?

24.What was the thing that the troll tried to use to kill the boy?

25.What was the task given to the boy by the old woman?

26.What made the boy fall asleep for three whole days?

27.What did the troll and the old woman do to the boy once they had captured him?

28.Who saved the boy from death?

29.What was the fate of the troll?


30.What is superman’s native name?

31.What was superman called in the 50’s and 60’s?

32.What is one superman’s power?

33.What is the town, which  superman lived his childhood called?

34.What is the thing that gives superman his superpowers?

35.Who is superman’s wife?

Bloom’s Taxonomy Level Questions:

1.        Where exactly did the boy in the story “The Blue Belt” goes to find the princess?

2.        Why do you think was the main reason that Ali Baba’s brother died in the story?

3.         Using you English Literature textbook explain why Merlin wanted King Uther’s first son, in “Le Morte’d Arthur?

4.        Analyze the story of Sundiata and explain the different occasions throughout the story where he has problems?

5.        Compare the Stories of “Le Morte’d Arthur” and “Sundiata” and explain the differences and similarities that both characters have?