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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Test



  1. Name one of the themes in the story.


  1. In your own words summarize chapter 1.


  1. What does Mad Eye Moody turn Malfoy into?
    1. Bertie Boot’s every flavor beans
    2. White bouncing ferret
    3. Slimy green frog
    4. A rotted broomstick


  1. At the beginning of chapter 13 what does Professor Sprout teach Harry and him classmate to do?
    1. Skin mushrooms
    2. Make invisible ink
    3. Collect bubotuber pus
    4. Feed Blast-Ended Skrewts


  1. What is wrong with Hermiones’ schedule?
    1. It doesn’t have the classes she wanted
    2. She has no classes with Harry and Ronald
    3. She has 2 classes at the same time
    4. She has hard classes


  1. What is chapter 32 mostly about?


  1. Did you enjoy the story?


  1. How does the story relate to real life?


  1. What is the most important thing to Harry?


  1. Why do Voldemort’s victims return to help Harry?


  1. How does Harry obtain the Goblet of Fire?


  1. Summarize chapter 1.


  1. Who is the Author?


  1. When was the book first published?


  1. What is the main setting of the story?


  1. What is the climax?


  1. Who is the antagonist?


  1. Who helps Harry throughout the story?


  1. How does Harry defeat Voldemort?


  1. Summarize chapter 27.


  1. Summarize chapter 30.


  1. Who wins the triwiard tournament?


  1. Who is the first ghost to greet Harry?


  1. Write an alternate ending.


  1. What is Harry’s first period?