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Grammar and Writing



Direction: Use the correct Conjunction to fill in the blanks in each sentence.


1.   Would you rather watch TV ___________________, go to the movies?

2.   I didnít do the project________________________, do the homework.

3.   I wanted a new pair of pants ________________________, I went to go buy me some yesterday.

4.   Bill left the stove on all day __________________________, no fire started.

5.   I want to use a sentence with it __________________________, I canít think of any other words.

6.   I gave her a new pen ______________________________ a new journal.

7.   His dad gave him a bike _____________________________ Christmas.

8.   I couldnít think of what to get him ________________________his birthday.

9.   My dad gave me $35 _________________________ I can go to Six Flags.

10. Do I want to wear the red shirt _____________________ the blue shirt?