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Essay Q

1. Explain the satire in the story?


A.   The satire is that here god is played by a female while almost every one perceives god as a male and also most people today think am was created first not woman.


2. Explain how this is sarcasm?


A.   The hunter praise to god to make the bear a Christian but yet the bear is still going to eat the hunter being a even while being Christian.


3.Explain why this is pun?


A.   The words are being spelled differently to make then easier to understand yet they are harder to comprehend.


4.Explain why the Australian tell the Texan that kangaroos are grasshoppers?


A.     The Australian tell the Texan the kangaroos are grasshoppers because the Texan stereotype is that every thing is bigger in Texas and the Australian guy wants to fool the Texan so he would be jealous, or to make him stop talking.


5.Explain what Garfield is trying to advertise?


A. He is trying to make a mockery of the dog so people wont go out and get one.