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     Nonfiction- writing about real, events, and ideas is the broadest category of literature.


     Autobiography- presents the story of a personís life written by that person. Most autobiographies are told from the first-person point of view; using the pronoun I. Writers of autobiographies typically focus on themselves and events in their own lives.


     Memoir- is also first-person account of events in the authorís life. Memoirs, however, tend to emphasize subjects outside the writerís personal life, such as significant historical events the writer has been a part of or has witnessed, or other people the writer has known


     Biography- is an account of a personís life written by someone else. It is presented from the third-person point of view.


     Narrative Essay- is a short composition that relates a true story from either the first or third-person point of view.


     Chronological Order- the order in which events occur

     Flashback- going back in time to present incidents that happened before the beginning of the story.


     Expository Essay- offer information about a topic, from explaining how a process works, to analyzing or commenting on a political or historical event, to reviewing a theatrical production


     Persuasive Essay- promotes an opinion or position. Commonly, persuasive essays describe a situation and then offer reasons that the reader should believe or act in a certain way regarding the issue.


     Authorís purpose- is a reason for writing.


     Thesis- main idea of an essay.