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The Tale of Despereaux Test


  1. What was the name of the jailer?
    1. Billy
    2. Tom
    3. Remorso
    4. Gregory


  1. State in your own words what “stories are light” mean to you.


  1. What is (are) the theme(s) of this story?


  1. How does the prisoner relate to the story?


    1. He was once a king
    2. He is the father of Mig
    3. He was the gardener
    4. He was a soldier


  1. Predict what would happen if Mig had killed Roscuro.


  1. Compare Despereauxs’ love for the princess and Roscuro love for light.


  1. Defend the Mouse Councils decision of sending Despereaux to the dungeon.


  1. Identify the hero cycle of Despereaux in book four.


  1. State in one word how Despereaux felt when discover the masked man was his brother.


  1. Explain why cook was happy to see Despereaux.


  1. What was Despereauxs’ fathers name?


    1. Gregory
    2. Alfred
    3. Furlough
    4. Lester


  1. What was the Princess’ name?
    1. Mig
    2. Antoinette
    3. Pea
    4. Merlot


  1. Tell how Despereaux found out the masked man was Furlough?


  1. Summarize the story.


  1. List the characteristics of Roscuro.


  1. Compare the Kings’ hate for rats and the princess’ hate for rats.


  1. Rewrite the ending of the story if Despereaux had killed Roscuro.


  1. Why did the Council think Despereaux was a ghost?

a.       He was flying

b.      They could see through him

c.       He was covered with flour

d.      He was bigger


  1. Criticize Despereauxs’ father’s decision of no action when his son was sent to the dungeon.  Would you have reacted differently? Explain.


  1. Which of the following are facts?

                                      I.      Despereaux loved music

                                   II.      Mig became the princess

                                 III.      Despereaux had big feet

                                IV.      Roscuro loved light


a.       1 and 2

b.      1 and 3

c.       2 and 4

d.      1 and 4


  1. What point of view is the story told in?

a.       1st person

b.      2nd person

c.       3rd person


  1. How does the queen die?

a.       Cancer

b.      Malaria

c.       Sees a rat in her soup

d.      Old age


  1. Predict what would have happened if the queen lived.


  1. Give an example of love conquering evil in the passage.


  1. Create an image of Roscuro using the information from the story.


  1. What does the author believe is the strongest thing on Earth?


  1. Select the best definition of perfidy.

a.       Liar

b.      Betrayal of trust

c.       One who steals

d.      Best friend


  1. Illustrate the scene where the queen dies because Roscuro is in her soup.


  1. Tell how much change there would be if Migs’ father had never sold her.


  1. Defend Despereauxs’ motives for returning to the dungeon.


  1. Explain why Cook didn’t kill Despereaux.


  1. Translate Mon Dieu.

a.       Good day

b.      My god

c.       Happy birthday

d.      Hello


  1. What assumptions did you make when Despereaux first entered the dungeon.


  1. Compare the feelings of Despereaux when he was being sent to the dungeon and Mig when her father sold her.


  1. Defend Despereauxs’ decision to forgive his father.


  1. Is it valid to say that he had every right to not forgive his father?


  1. What was Antoinette’s’ (Despereauxs’ mother) favorite word?

a.       Cripes

b.      Disappointment

c.       Extraordinary

d.      Wow


  1. Match the following.


Antoinette                                       Despereauxs’ aunt                                 

Merlot                                            Princess

Florence                                         Despereauxs’ sister

Pea                                                Servant

Mig                                                Despereauxs’ mother


  1. Compare the Mouse Council and our current day Council.


  1. What would result if Despereauxs’ had never been sent to the dungeon but still had his quest?


  1. What conclusions can be made about Gregory the jailer?


  1. What would result if Roscuro hadn’t cut Gregory’s rope?


  1. Identify the antagonist(s)?


  1. What is the main idea?


  1. How else would you have ended this story?


  1. What seems likely when Despereaux is being lead by Botticelli?


  1. Predict what would happen if the King caught Cook making soup?


  1. What is Despereauxs’ sisters name?

a.       Alizabethe

b.      Merlot

c.       Lucy

d.      Antoinette


  1. State in one word your reaction to the story.


  1. Do Despereaux and Pea live happily ever after?