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  1. Who is Despereaux?
    1. A bird
    2. A mouse
    3. A rat
    4. A knight


  1. Who is Despereaux in love with?

a.       Patty

b.      Pea

c.       Perla

d.      Jasmine


  1. Who is Miggery?

a.       A slow witted girl

b.      The neighbor

c.       The husband

d.      The best friend


  1. Who is the antagonist?

a.       The king

b.      The jailer

c.       The prisoner

d.      Roscuro


  1. What is illegal in the kingdom?

a.       Butter

b.      Chicken

c.       Soup

d.      Green eggs and ham


  1. What is the name of the jailer?

a.       Gregory

b.      Bill

c.       Furlough

d.      Beaner


  1. Why is the Cook glade to see Despereaux?

a.       Because he’s not a guard

b.      He’s hungry

c.       He’s going to save the princess

d.      He has big ears


  1. Why does the Council this Despereaux is a ghost?

a.       He is floating

b.      They can see through him

c.       He is covered in flour

d.      He is a zombie


  1. What does the red rope indicate?

a.       Light

b.      Flowers

c.       Death

d.      A rope


  1. What does Roscuro really love?

a.       Koolaid

b.      Cheese

c.       Light

d.      Torture


  1. What is the name of the rat that leads Despereaux to Pea?

a.       Mozart

b.      Gregory

c.       Roscuro

d.      Botticelli


  1. Does Despereaux forgive his father?

a.       Yes

b.      No


  1. What does Roscuro wear as a crown?

a.       A clothe

b.      A spoon

c.       A match

d.      A hat


  1. What is the name of Despereauxs’ father?

a.       Gregory

b.      Matt

c.       Lester

d.      Alfred


  1. What point of view is the story told in?

a.       1st

b.      2nd

c.       3rd


  1. What does the word perfidy mean?

a.       Happy

b.      Honest

c.       Betrayal of trust

d.      Liar


  1. What was Despereauxs’ mothers’ favorite word?

a.       Cripes

b.      Extraordinary

c.       Disappointment

d.      Scandalous


  1. What is Despereauxs’ sisters’ name?

a.       Marry

b.      Charlotte

c.       Mig

d.      Merlot


  1. What does Mon Dieu mean?

a.       My god

b.      Wow

c.       What’s up?

d.      Happy birthday


  1. How does the queen die?

a.       Cancer

b.      Malaria

c.       Sees a rat in her soup

d.      Old age


  1. Do Despereaux and Pea live happily ever after?

a.       Yes

b.      No


  1. Why doesn’t Roscuro really live happily ever after?

a.       They locked him in the dungeon

b.      He didn’t belong in either place

c.       He died

d.      He went blind


  1. What favor does Roscuro do for Mig at the end?

a.       Makes her princess

b.      Reunites her with her father

c.       Kills her

d.      Adopts her


  1. What does the King do at the end?

a.       Kills all rats

b.      Makes soup legal

c.       Dies

d.      Makes Despereaux king


  1. What is the authors’ name?

a.       Timothy B. Ering

b.      J.K. Rowling

c.       William Shakespeare

d.      Kate DiCamillo