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I would recommend this book to any one who likes to have heroine than a hero. Any one is able to read this story. The book is about this girl name Rose who feels that she does not belong there at home. So Rose always runs of and does some exploring around, but one day she lost and her brother, Needy, comes to look for her. He finds her but near her is a white bear this is the first time he or Rose has seen a white bear. Rose is in unable to take the white bear out of her head. She knows that she would meet the white bear again some day, and would be traveling with him. So it was, not very long Rose older sister gets sick and the bear comes and request for the youngest child to come with him and every misfortune they have would disappear. Rose decides that she would go to with the bear. So their journey begins, why those the bear want Rose for? Who is this Troll Queen, and why those she want the white bear?


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