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Grammar and Writing


Directions: Use the blanks provided to fill in the blanks with adverbs. You would have clues in the parenthesis at the end of each sentence to help you.

Hint: Adverbs modify by answering these questions: When?, Where?, How?, and To what degree?


1. I would have a party in next ________________________. (when: day of the week)

2.Leave you cup over _______________________________. (where)

3. I _______________________ ran to class after the minute bell had rang. (how)

4. Phil _______________________ held the ring while walking down the isle at the wedding? (how)

5. Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas are all down _________________. (where)

6. You should ___________________ swim after you eat for at least 30minutes. (modifying verb)

7. The movie was _____________________ scary. (Modifying adjectives)

8. Suzy Q had to take the test all over _________________.(when)

9. Ms. Bookworm staked all the books up _____________________. (how)

10. The room was ___________________ quiet until Jason walked in the room. (modifying adjectives)