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Grammar and Writing
Directions: Use the blanks provided to write an adjective. Use the 
clues provided in the parenthesis to give you hints on which type of 
adjectives to use. 
1. The house was _________________.(color)
2. There were _______________________ students in the class room. 
3. After 11:59am it is now the _______________________. (time of day)
4. You could tell the boy was ________________________ by his accent. 
(type of nationality)
5. His ______________________ shoes were very shiny. (noun acting as a 
6. Mary had to retake the test for the _____________________ time. 
(number of times)
7. ________________ dog ran away last week. (possessive adjective)
8. _________________ mother grounded him for a week. (possessive 
pronoun acting as adjective)
9. I wanted all of ____________________ bicycles. (demonstrative 

10. The _____________________ game was very fun. (type of game)