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Eight parts of speech

Noun - a word to name a person place or thing: also can be an idea, mainly names or specific

Mike is angry.

The park was nice.

My El Camino can run.

Pronoun- a word that takes the place of a noun

When will he change?

I hope she doesn’t get nervous.

They are wrong.

Verb- an action word

He jumped.

As he climbed the mountain it followed him.

The grade was given.

Adverb- Can modify a verb, adjective, and also a another adverb

He waited quietly.

Suspiciously he crept.

He hurriedly worked on his project.

Adjective- modifies a noun, pronoun, verb, or just about any other word. It can include color, quantity,


She is beautiful.

He spoke loudly.

He turned red when she approached him.

Preposition- A word that describes the relationship between one word and another.

The house is on top of the hill.

He was underneath the car.

She stood beside him.

Conjunction- brings two words or phrases together.

I like soccer and football.

She is nice, yet not so friendly.

He talked until he could no more.

Interjection- word used to show emotion. usually sounds like “ouch.” Placed in sentence or not.

Ouch, that hurt.


POW! You son of a …



Teaching parts of speech- click on the links below to be redirected to pages pertaining to the parts of speech.

Personal Suggestions

The best way seems to be to use examples in various sentences and describing exactly what each part is. Practice makes perfect.

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