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Born: April 14th, 1977, New York.
Height: 5'2''
Eyes: Green
Hair: originally dark brown,died blonde for 'Buffy'

Discovered age 4 eating in a restaurant, she appeared on the big
screen for the first time in 1983 in the movie 'Invasion
of Privacy'. As a child, she appeared in
numerous commercials, such as the infamous Burger King ad, that
caused her to be sued by MacDonalds, now ironically a sponsor of Btvs!
She appeared in many films and TV shows but her big break was
as 'Kendall Hart' on the ABC daytime soap 'All my children',
winning an Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actress.
After that she packs her bag and heads over to Sunny California
to become your-not-so-average teen Buffy Summers
Her personal life hasn't always been fun. Neglected by her
father, she was brought up alone by her mother. She hasn't
spoken to her father since she was 11 and claims that he is
now non existant in her life. She attended the High
School for
Performing Artists, which fellow actors to be Tara Reid,
Jerry O'Connell and Macaulay Culkin

Source: SMG Paradise