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"I'm in Kandahar, and allis well, I miss the family dreadfully. I'm eating well and as much as a person can eat. The milk is called Saffa and is made in Dubai, it doesn't taste to bad. I would say the worst part of this whole trip is the time change and remembering the time in Indiana. I wear two watches one for Aleta on my right the other for work. The people in general are receptive and humble, but can't wai to make money.

Tim Sprowl


Saalam! At home in Kandahar 

From: Tim Sprowl & Judy Eldridge
The hostesses
Saturday 1:00 pm

Dear Friend,

This makes a big day for Aleta, come and celebrate with us and reflect on friends and family.  These relationships are so important and have a positive impact of all of our lives. "40 should not be a negative time" we always poke fun at time and experiences that renders wrinkles and change in personality. 

Aleta has given so much to the church and community, but far to often we forget about those that do the big jobs and don't even think about it.  Well this is your chance to come and pat her on the back, hug her neck or just say thanks.  She will be grateful and the smile will make her face glow. 

We hope that you will make plans to attend!

Contact me or Judy for anything we may need.

Drinks, cups or any party favors you may have in mind, Hey, this is the first and last time she will be 40. Lets make this a day of rejoicing and relaxation for her. interested!

Its gona be Fun!!!!

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