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DrJ's Outfit Page

for Rose/RoomancerTM

This page and these outfits are NOT sanctioned nor approved by Rose (moove) and they are in no way responsible for them. If you got here by accident and don't know what Rose is, go to HERE and find out !

Here are some of my outfits, Hope you like them.

Links to Chantilly and Dark Desire HERE

Most of these are intended for adults

SO ! !

If you are not 18 or older, please leave.

A great place to go is The Individual Actor's Page, it has many outfits, instructions on how to use them in Rose or Roomancer, Links to other creators of outfits, and a link to instructions on how to make your own outfits.


Individual Outfit Files


New as of 1/8/01

Christine (MandyDress) LilSpider (Chivie) SweetRoses (Cihvei)

Also See New Strip Series "Lahe" Below


		Joe	     Sweet        SweeToga   SweetPink    Adam
(females are actor Susan)


Midge (chivie) Lahe (Miriam) SweetLace (Belle) SweetLaceW (Belle) Sweety (Belle)


			    JJ(BillClinton)	 Godess(Susan)	Mimi(Miriam)  

Strip Series Outfit Files


Babe (Susan)


Sweetness (Susan)

Lahe (Miriam)



(1 to 4 is Joe, nude is BillClinton)


(1 to 4 is Joe, nude is BillClinton)

TinaJ (Belle)


If you want to reach me and I am not in Rose:


ICQ#195689 (DrJJ)

Like my version of the Fairy ?? :->>


All the Flowers


All our Tomorrows

Are in the Seeds of Today