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Diesel Industry: Marketing Team

Job Discription

The Marketing team of the Diesel Industry is a key asset to the company's success. The Marketing team is not only in charge of the sales of the products, but the responsibility of the communication, such as launching the advertisemnents in magazines and commercial spots to captivate the attention of their target market or any audience to interest them in purchasing their products. The team is also delegated the task of the interior design of the stores located in over 80 countries worldwide.

Job Skills
  • Must have good communication skills.
  • Must be able to work well with others.
  • Must have a great imagination and motivation to succeed.
  • Must only perform at your best ability.


The pay of TOP Marketing and Sales Executives can reach as high as $81,000-$92,321 per year.

Colleges that have a major in Marketing
UniversitiesDegreeName of SchoolName of Degree
Indiana University Marketing Kelly School of BusinessBachelors degree in Business
Indiana University South Bend Marketing Indiana University South Bend School of Business and EconomicsBachelors degree in Business
Oral Roberts University Marketing Oral Roberts School of BusinessBachelors degree in Business

For more information visit The Diesel Industry online to inquire about available marketing jobs.